Konstantin Johannes Safiriou

We remember Konstantin J. Safiriou (1949 – 2020).
He was our friend and inspiration. 

Konstantin Johannes Safiriou (* 1949), private scholar, author, economic and cultural advisor, died too early, predictably and yet unexpectedly on September 14, 2020. He was a boisterous free spirit, someone who could critically question everything and investigate things underground. Not everyone was familiar with his way of thinking, but those who sought his help and advice appreciated it with honorable respect.
At the beginning of his career he was a journalist for various sports magazines, later on he was a chief reporter of a  well-known daily newspaper. He founded a weekly newspaper – but economic pressures from established competitors forced him to give up. He boosted the public appearance of key trade fairs at KölnMesse (like Photokina, Anuga, Herrenmodemesse) in a consistently inspiring way for a couple of years. In encounters and advising politicians and economic leaders, he found an interesting task while being on friendly terms. He created sustainable concepts for global companies, and in the German food and c+c trade sector he was an innovative marketing consultant for years.
He started numerous companies of his own to develop absolutely new things (e.g. in the tourism, industrial and IT sectors). He was not a hard businessman by the way, he was interested in scientific context. In the field of history, sociology, and economics he became a notable old-style private scholar, who wanted not to make a profit from everything. 

Last but not least his private interests challenged him over and over again to promote art and cultural projects. He made no fuss about it. Unselfishly he had supported the work of art mediators and avant-garde artists for decades. He was a significant art collector with a fine taste and donated his artworks mostly for charitable and public purposes.  As co-editor he was involved in various publications, i.a. about philosophy of photography. 

At ArtExpert I Network, an international platform for art-scientific and material-technical research, he was responsible as a long-term management advisor. Additionally, he has also been a honorary board member of Artforum Culture Foundation since its inception.

Konstantin Johannes Safiriou – rest in peace.


ArtExpert - Heinz Günter Mebusch, Rasterfahndung, 6er Block

Art is magic, freed from the lie of being truth.

Numerous levels and its facets explain the value. In any case, a broad and deep access to a work is necessary in order to experience its meaning. This is a difficult process about previous knowledge, prejudices, monetary valuations, own experiences and worldviews. Apart from the financial aspect, the value of a work of art goes beyond the work itself. At best, it renews the view of life and leads to an improved attitude to life. That is the real intangible value of art.

An art that nobody understands has therefore no value - for nobody. Because it is not enough if only the artist understands it. But if the artwork already gives someone the chance to grapple with it, its value becomes virulent. If these someones are influential people, multipliers and mediators, general meaning may develop. This also makes it easier to realize financial value enhancement. Of course, a large number of people is not really a criterion. But it feels democratic. Sound opinions and assessments are essential. This in turn also increases awareness and thus increases intangible and financial value.

The idea of quality and market value

The idea of ​​measurable quality of art and price evaluation is based on this idea. It will only take years or decades to see whether there is a fast-moving effect or whether a work of art is sustainable. So it can happen that an artist and his work are completely forgotten - or even rediscovered after a while and perhaps will have an even stronger effect. The fact is: the number of art events, trade fairs, biennials, gallery weekends etc. has multiplied access to artworks. To counteract this trend, the price is used as a regulatory.

Another important parameter in art is the ‘original’ term. Actually this term is misleading, because original maybe everything that was not explicitly created as a fake. And even then - it would be an original fake. The same applies to the term "real". It is to recommend, that the term ‘authentic’ should be used in art history and on the art market. This term describes a work of art as being made by hand of named artist. If the making process is not exceptionally documented, this term will be used in the sense of a convincing expert opinion. But such an expert opinion is only of value if it proves convincing in the scientific dispute. Rights holders of important artists, especially estate administrators or museums, often see this point, which is scientifically a required basis, sometimes differently. In individual cases, this can mean that not only false works are exposed, but also authentic works are prevented. The damage is initially borne by the owners, but generally the public. Because rejecting an authentic work by an important artist will lead not only to financial damage, but can also be in individual cases a cultural crime.

Art has no purpose, but it does make sense. Art is a human cultural product, the result of a creative process. There are countless definitions, probably as many as there are works of art. Leonardo da Vinci understood art as ‘the queen of all sciences, which speaks to all generations of the world’. El Greco saw ‘art wherever you look for it’. Sociologist Theodor Adorno made the definition: ‘Art is magic, freed from the lie of being truth.’




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For artists, collectors and gallerists ArtExpert I Network is providing editorship and publishing services as a best full service.

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To use all the best of ArtExpert services your projects can be supported constantly. As well we offer concepts and realisation for your catalogue raisoné.
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Within the unique concept of ArtExpert over four decades is to connect arthistorical and forensic research.
The arthistorical analyis itself is based on a common view to realise, that a piece of art is at the same time a material product, a historical document of its time and a concrete philosophical expression of its creator. Each analyis is a conclusion of general view, specific research and material definition.
The whole circumference of the scientifically analysis by ArtExpert encloses:
* Definition of the state
* Definition of old conservation
* Forensic analysis of materiales and technic
* Art historical and forerensic dating
* Preparation and controlling of conservation
* Conservation controlling of the place




ArtExpert is known for its high standard of scientific research
- and also counter-expertise.
We are specialised on the discovery and evaluation of high-level works of art.
This is our guarantee.

The unique concept of ArtExpert I network over four decades is to connect art-historical and forensic research.
The art-historical analysis itself is based on a common view to realise, that a piece of art is at the same time a material product, a historical document of its time and a concrete philosophical expression of its creator. Each analyis is a conclusion of general view, specific research and material definition.
The whole circumference of the scientifically analysis by ArtExpert encloses:
* Definition of the state
* Definition of old conservation
* Forensic analysis of materiales and technic
* Arthistorical and forensic dating
* Preparation and controlling of conservation
* Conservation controlling of the place




"Authentic or fake?"
The risk to acquire a forgery is relatively high even for the experienced collector. It does make absolutely sense to specialize and to put main focuses on certain collective areas, to know genuineness criteria and forgery methods, to use advice by experts and media and, above all, to optimize constantly the own visual and haptic experience with objects of art. Authenticity in art is the different ways in which a work of art or an artistic performance may be considered authentic. ArtExpert is concentrated on forensic research and on the question, how important a piece of art could be inside art history ad culture. Other criteria like price, provenance, original framing or framing of the time  have to be noted, but in our opinion they can't be fundamentally essential. In case of justified doubt, such information can just  be helpful to support the results of forensic research.

Authenification has to be a question of open knowledge, not of arbitrariness.
A main problem that should not be underestimated is repeatedly suppressed in the public debate: to recognize real authentic works of great cultural importance. It is a well known secret, that sometimes so called authorities can't  or don't want to authenticate some art works. Their position of power seem to be above the state of the art science and even out of such things which are obviously.  This is not only a capital abatement in every individual case, but, and that is more important, it is also a distortion of our cultural heritage and a crime against mankind.
ArtExpert guarantees that every high-quality work of art will be examined impartially forensically, biographically and art-historically. ArtExpert will only testify verifiable results on the basis qualified knowledge. 





Starting an Art Collection will change your life. Art is a very special good that can magnify and enhance your view of the world and other people. But Art is not always easy. Just as you have to learn a language, you also need time to acquire the necessary knowledge about the art you are interesting for. Especially for collections with larger budgets and for corporate collections, the focus is also on the aspect of good investment. In this case professional advice and conceptual support can certainly be very helpful. ArtExpert is on your side to  create your desired art collection at best conditions, attractively taxed and, on request, also in fiduciary representation.

Before preparing new purchases it is essentially to pursue the market development. To get a favourable purchase it will be the best way to buy anti-cyclically instead of this, what is currently requested. Find out your best time to start a collection. We will support you.

Art Wealth Management

Art Wealth Management

The art of art investment

The best concept to purchase/sale artworks is to create economical profit and subjective visual benefit. A second point is to get a sense for future values besides mainstream. A further substantial aspect is the use of the tax system to realize philantropic aims, to reduce tax and to save your fortune.

Part of professional private wealth management is the knowledge about differentiation of individual evaluation and estimation, investment in new art segments or whole-sale-effects. Because art is not only private wealth but at first an important part of cultures. Tax neutral buying and selling in global markets can give an important push to invest in art and to save a fortune - also for next generations.  With our know how of the best strategies and individual concepts  art investment can be a very comfortable and safe part of your private wealth management. Asset allocation strategy, liquidity optimisation, manage over-exposure to risk, develop appropriate reporting, optimize taxation are part of our services. Another task of our art wealth management  is organizing appropriate transmission to heirs / effective tax and inheritance planning for collections or gifting or donation to charity foundations. Don't hesitate to contact us. We keep all contacts absolutely confidential.

Independent advice and handling
Within our services is an independent advice and handling for Freeport facilities, which can be used to keep for an unlimited period of time high-value objects –  art, jewellery and other objects - in duty-free and tax-free warehouses providing state-of-the-art security.