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Konstantin Johannes Safiriou. courtesy Artforum Culture Foundation

Konstantin Johannes Safiriou

We remember Konstantin J. Safiriou (1949 – 2020). He was our friend and inspiration.  Konstantin Johannes Safiriou (* 1949), private scholar, author, economic and cultural advisor, died too early, predictably and yet unexpectedly on September 14, 2020. He was a boisterous free spirit, someone who could critically question everything and investigate things underground. Not everyone was familiar with his way of thinking, but those who sought his help and advice appreciated


Editorship and Publishing Services For artists, collectors and gallerists ArtExpert I Network is providing editorship and publishing services as a best full service. In co-operation with ArtForum Editions: Best flat rate publication prices to publish monographs, catalogues, editions and poster. We edit on demand – we write, design and produce catalogues and monographs at best conditions: top quality, very quick and at very reasonable prices. By agreement your catalogues, monographs, artists

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ArtExpert is advisor i.a. to: Artforum Culture Foundation GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light Winter Stiftung Hamburg Art Thessaloniki pac Private Art Collectors Family offices and particularly to artists, art and cultural foundations, museums and galleries The achievements cover: General concepts and strategies Conception and preparation of exhibitions Advisory for loans from private property to museums Curating exhibitions Scientific analysis and texts Complete services for catalogue production Public relations Fundraising


ArtExpert is known for its high standard of scientific research – and also counter-expertise. We are specialised on the discovery and evaluation of high-level works of art. This is our guarantee. The unique concept of ArtExpert I network over four decades is to connect art-historical and forensic research. The art-historical analysis itself is based on a common view to realise, that a piece of art is at the same time a material product,


Starting an Art Collection will change your life. Art is a very special good that can magnify and enhance your view of the world and other people. But Art is not always easy. Just as you have to learn a language, you also need time to acquire the necessary knowledge about the art you are interesting for. Especially for collections with larger budgets and for corporate collections, the focus is

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Art Wealth Management

The art of art investment The best concept to purchase/sale artworks is to create economical profit and subjective visual benefit. A second point is to get a sense for future values besides mainstream. A further substantial aspect is the use of the tax system to realize philantropic aims, to reduce tax and to save your fortune. Part of professional private wealth management is the knowledge about differentiation of individual evaluation

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Art Management

Visual arts, also interdisciplinary extended to music, theatre, film, literature and new media move in the tension field of personal experience. The civilatory sphere in which societies live is determined any time by its cultural value. Besides, prominent personalities, cities and corporates have tried to define themselves always about their cultural engagement. The claim of a community or a company appears outwardly, but also towards the own members / employees