Fundraising for Donations and Foundations

Foundations are the most efficient and serious instruments to support ideas and to create social and cultural welfare. Since more than thousand years foundations are working well as church-foundations, foundations of noble families and as civil foundations. There is no other organisation-form which can guarantee fulfilment of there aims for generations and eternity. Today different kinds of foundations exists.

Fundraising is a significant way for non-profit organisations to obtain money or goods for their operations and projects. 
Fundraising: ArtExpert is specialised in art n’ culture fundraising advisory knowing the best ways to cooperate for a real win-win-situation.

Step by step many countries are preparing beer and better situation to use the power of non-profit-foundations. That is also the reason of many states to invite people to donate. In return the donators will realise full tax reduction depending from your national law. In Germany for example up to 20% of annual income can be given as donation completely tax free. And additionally within every 10 years cash or values up to one million (single) or two million EUR (couples) may be tax deductible.

ArtExpert has international practical experiences to inform on a confidential basis about the best ways for endowments and donations to appropriate charitable foundations - even in the European context and as well in the USA, Japan or in China.


As an achievement ArtExpert is also providing concepts, running advice, planning and realisation of sponsoring. Sponsoring can be a very useful instrument of marketing, maybe its best. As a strategic approach, dealing with art can be an important part of a company. The corporate philosophy should be reflected in this setting.