"Authentic or fake?"
The risk to acquire a forgery is relatively high even for the experienced collector. It does make absolutely sense to specialize and to put main focuses on certain collective areas, to know genuineness criteria and forgery methods, to use advice by experts and media and, above all, to optimize constantly the own visual and haptic experience with objects of art. Authenticity in art is the different ways in which a work of art or an artistic performance may be considered authentic. ArtExpert is concentrated on forensic research and on the question, how important a piece of art could be inside art history ad culture. Other criteria like price, provenance, original framing or framing of the time  have to be noted, but in our opinion they can't be fundamentally essential. In case of justified doubt, such information can just  be helpful to support the results of forensic research.

Authenification has to be a question of open knowledge, not of arbitrariness.
A main problem that should not be underestimated is repeatedly suppressed in the public debate: to recognize real authentic works of great cultural importance. It is a well known secret, that sometimes so called authorities can't  or don't want to authenticate some art works. Their position of power seem to be above the state of the art science and even out of such things which are obviously.  This is not only a capital abatement in every individual case, but, and that is more important, it is also a distortion of our cultural heritage and a crime against mankind.
ArtExpert guarantees that every high-quality work of art will be examined impartially forensically, biographically and art-historically. ArtExpert will only testify verifiable results on the basis qualified knowledge.