Art Management

Visual arts, also interdisciplinary extended to music, theatre, film, literature and new media move in the tension field of personal experience. The civilatory sphere in which societies live is determined any time by its cultural value. Besides, prominent personalities, cities and corporates have tried to define themselves always about their cultural engagement. The claim of a community or a company appears outwardly, but also towards the own members / employees about their economic, social and cultural engagement. To transfer innovation, growth and success ist he duty of central marketing, advertisement and public relations, but this can be easier and clearer formed and explained by inclusion of art and cultural management.

Companies and public facilities may use for atmospheric representation and for the personal identification of the employees and customers of their buildings pictures and sculptures. We have to imagine, that discussion about art and culture has not only to do with decoration but with constant integration of innovative processes. In this sense, art and culture will promote the competition of companies and municipalities. This will lead consequently to strengthening of the company and the whole economic area.

But Art Management is at first within the tasks of any artist. As a free-lancer she/he has to know the rules of economy and marketing. We have to imagine, every professional artist is an entrepreneur and an inventor.

Collectors, public projects as well as the artists themselves need some instruments to
optimize their approach.

Without exhibitions, catalogues, monographs and poster the public cannot be involved.

ArtExpert I Network can support and advise  you to become part of the national and global art world. To work systematically will help to prepare catalogues monographs and editions, which are necessary media in contact with art collectors, gallerists and museums. Last but not least a catalogue raisonné will be an important instrument to inform the public and to built up trust.