Art Leasing & Art Credit

Art Leasing is only one of our professional services.

ArtExpert offers individual art concepts up to the possibility of art leasing integrated in a wide range of modular services in the field of art. Art in the context of asset management and planning can be successfully integrated. Art Leasing can be an effectively system to maintain your liquidity for combining creativity and investment.

ArtExpert guarantee comprehensive and competent support for the use of Art Leasing with art advice, art financing, legal, tax and insurance advice as well as art logistics.  We are able to work with your personal bank or with specialized art banks. 
We work independently with private collections and art depots, as well we are cooperate with renowned national and international galleries and auction houses.
Last but not least Art Leasing for young art can be an additional chance to create a fine collection, partly paid back from your finance ministry.

Art Credit

ArtExpert is the partner to provide and support owners of high value art works with flexible financing solutions across Direct Lending and Structured Credit.

Fiduciary representation for the purchase and sale of works of art

ArtExpert will support you in acquiring artworks and collections. The required financing of the art purchase can be offered and organized.

For specific legal questions please ask your/our lawyer or tax-consultant.