Starting an Art Collection will change your life. Art is a very special good that can magnify and enhance your view of the world and other people. But Art is not always easy. Just as you have to learn a language, you also need time to acquire the necessary knowledge about the art you are interesting for. Especially for collections with larger budgets and for corporate collections, the focus is also on the aspect of good investment. In this case professional advice and conceptual support can certainly be very helpful. ArtExpert is on your side to  create your desired art collection at best conditions, attractively taxed and, on request, also in fiduciary representation.

Before preparing new purchases it is essentially to pursue the market development. To get a favourable purchase it will be the best way to buy anti-cyclically instead of this, what is currently requested. Find out your best time to start a collection. We will support you.

A key aspect of our advisory practice involves mediation of strategic acquisitions of classical works of art as well as by leading international contemporary artists, as well as. We aid in the worldwide acquisition of artwork via auction as well as via art dealers and direct purchases from private collectors. We have a very extensive worldwide network of specialists, private art collectors and contemporary artists which is the result of lifetimes of global and passionate commitment to the arts.

The rarest and most valuable works are frequently passed down very discretely from generation to generation. Only a few collectors have the opportunity to acquire.

Therefore of particular importance is a trusting cooperation and the provision of absolutely secure transfers of ownership and payment. On request, we guarantee complete anonymity and ensure absolutely secure and fast processing in any case.