ArtExpert offers evaluation of fine art, objects and antiques:
- Paintings, drawings, sculptures
- Art of the Renaissance, painting 19. Jh., modern and contemporary art
- special expertise in international graphics and photography, master graphics
- Picasso, Dali - Oeuvre, Miro, German expressionists
- Archaeology: Greek and Roman art - sculpture,
- Byzantine art and arts and crafts
- Art of the far east
- European arts and crafts

Supply and demand determines the price of a work of art in the market. The demand depends apart from the arthistorical meaning, certainly by other not work-immanent factors: national and international economic situation, trends and the political situation. Speculations in place of a founded art judgement can distort occasionally the view on quality and price relationship. This background belongs likewise to the conscientious valuation like international auction results, art market prices, typical national market prices, outstanding point prices and usual market prices as the classical valuation criteria. The evaluation and ratings are based on the constantly updated ArtExpert archives. In co-operation with internationally specialists ArtExpert can examine and evaluate also special topics, outstanding or doubtful objects as well as extensive collections. Crucially for the value - apart from definitions such as aesthetics and rarity – is above all quality, determined by the meaning of the object within the epoch of creation, within a group of works or within an oeuvre.
A further offer of ArtExpert is the evaluation of deductions as well as mansion and housing dissolutions for private clients or on behalf from attorneys and notaries. ArtExpert advises also individually with inheritance regulations and takes over as a trustee the administration of an estate.
ArtExpert gives advise in any country - worldwide and unbureaucratically.