Anke Erlenhoff

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Anke Erlenhoff 12/18/1959 - 12/21/2022


Erlenhoff, Anke (1957 - 2022), paintings, photographs, installations
Erlenhoff, Anke (1957 - 2022), paintings, photographs, installations


We mourn the passing of Anke Erlenhoff, a lively and courageous artist who set out to combine photography with painting and sculpture.
A central theme of her works was the discovery of contemporary civilizational developments. As sources of inspiration for her painterly interpretations she used photographs to explore metropolises, industrial landscapes and ports.
Her photographs, photo paintings and spatial installations have an aesthetic that is capable of affecting viewers with extraordinary intensity. They reveal an aesthetic quality that has become quite rare in contemporary postmodern art. Her kind of (over-)painting arise from a sensitive and confident handling of the media she used. This gives an impact completely to her works completely independent of the spaces that surround them.
Living in Cologne since 1988, she exhibited all over Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Japan. Works by the artist can be found among others in the collections of Museum Ludwig, Thurn und Taxis, UBS, Evonik, Telekom.