Art Investment

ArtExpert is your partner to evaluate art-estates as well as mansion and housing dissolutions for private people or on behalf of attorneys and notaries. ArtExpert advises also in specific cases of inheritance regulations and takes over on trust the administration of the estate of artists and collecting tanks. Below we give you some information about starting or administrate a collection and/or a foundation.

Historical capital worth

Since the beginning of our culture art is beside the emotional value a capital worth. In the interaction of offer and inquiry pieces of art are defined after quality, recognition and general public effect. A frequent question is: Where, nevertheless, economically are the differences to conventional investments like stocks or real estate?


If we assume for art a long-term investment more than at least 8 to 15 years, a worth growing up to more than 100% are absolutely possible. All available statistics show that art correlates as an investment medium positively in the long term with the finance markets, that means, that at rising stock exchanges also the value of art increases. Unusual material and immaterial results are to be done in particular with the acquisition of artistically high-quality discoveries. In this case it can turn out extremely attractive to invest in the often protracted scientific investigation for the protection of the attribution as well as the necessary restoration. Nevertheless, a main condition are enthusiasm for the piece of art, suitable liquid means for the treatment and patience to be able to wait for the result.


The complete loss of worth is practically impossible, provided that one compensates the damage by destruction and theft by a suitable art assurance.

Authenticity and origin

are the most important criteria to guarantee the quality of a piece of art and to avoid, to come to the possession of phoney, stolen or robbed works. Therefore, before purchase or sales expert-advice should be taken to the avoid errors. Such costs are in no relation to financial losses and disappointments.

Conservative art banking

The investment in art should be seen generally under long-term points of view. Thus the art market changes, for instance, in comparison to stock market more slowly, the market trends reproach longer and the owner of art is not defeated by the stress of permanent possible course variations.

Tax consideration

Depend of the individual tax system.


If we look at art not only under the aspect of the investment, but also under the aspect of the spiritual enrichment, art hits always investment possibilities. Besides, one speaks of the emotional dividend - the joy of a work of art is priceless.

Most of the leading artists of our time are handled by ArtExpert as well according to the list of The times/ Saatchi Gallery:
"The 200 Leading Artists of the 20th Century to Now The most significant 200 painters, sculptors, photographers, video and installation artists working since 1900."