Art Wealth Management

Growth-focused. Thematic. Values-based.

We apply a thematic approach across two core asset classes - Private Equity and Credit - with a focus on growth in our four key sectors of expertise: art research, global - regional knowledge, art market linking and Services.

The art of art investment

The best concept to purchase/sale artworks is to create economical profit and subjective visual benefit. A second point is to get a sense for future values besides mainstream. A further substantial aspect is the use of the tax system to realize philantropic aims, to reduce tax and to save your fortune.

Responsibility in Action

Investing in line with our core values is a fundamental, guiding principle for how we do supporting the art world.
Part of professional private wealth management is the knowledge about differentiation of individual evaluation and estimation, investment in new art segments or whole-sale-effects. Because art is not only private wealth but at first an important part of cultures. Tax neutral buying and selling in global markets can give an important push to invest in art and to save a fortune - also for next generations.  With our know how of the best strategies and individual concepts  art investment can be a very comfortable and safe part of your private wealth management. Asset allocation strategy, liquidity optimisation, manage over-exposure to risk, develop appropriate reporting, optimize taxation are part of our services. Another task of our art wealth management  is organizing appropriate transmission to heirs / effective tax and inheritance planning for collections or gifting or donation to charity foundations. Don't hesitate to contact us. We keep all contacts absolutely confidential.

Independent advice and handling

Within our services is an independent advice and handling for Freeport facilities, which can be used to keep for an unlimited period of time high-value objects –  art, jewellery and other objects - in duty-free and tax-free warehouses providing state-of-the-art security.