ArtExpert: Best way how to bid and sell through auction

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How to buy or sell through auction: ArtExpert-guide for the best way to sell through an auction via a professional advisor o representative involves several steps: Selecting the Right Advisor: Choose an experienced and reputable art advisor who specializes in … Continued

ArtExpert: New Art Investment

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Investing in art offers a distinct opportunity within the realm of asset management. Unlike many conventional forms of investment, such as real estate or stocks, which can be susceptible to a myriad of external factors leading to depreciation, art often … Continued

Konstantin Johannes Safiriou

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We remember Konstantin J. Safiriou (1949 – 2020). He was our friend and inspiration.  Konstantin Johannes Safiriou (* 1949), private scholar, author, economic and cultural advisor, died too early, predictably and yet unexpectedly on September 14, 2020. He was a boisterous … Continued