Numerous levels and its facets explain the value. In any case, a broad and deep access to a work is necessary in order to experience its meaning. This is a difficult process about previous knowledge, prejudices, monetary valuations, own experiences and worldviews. Apart from the financial aspect, the value of a work of art goes beyond the work itself. At best, it renews the view of life and leads to

Giovanni Francesco Penni, master drawing. Artexpert


Hearing and reading the bad news in these days – we have problems to imagine, the corona virus pandemic is getting a threat to all human beings. We don’t know what to expect. But we have hope. And ee also have opportunities – thanks to the unselfish help and perseverance of many people who are willing to help and maintain the functioning of society. Solidarity is particularly in demand in such difficult times. With good


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Art Market

To be at home in the national and global Art Market  At no time art was really independent. To develop art and culture it need economic conditions. Even the lack of it is just the proof of this maxime. Of course quality, with the essential values idea and technic, is an important criterion. But economic conditions push and control the way of participation. Anyway, artmarket is the economic system to