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General Terms and conditions (GTC) Γενικοί Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις I Allgemeine Bedingungen I Conditions Générales I Termini generali e condizioni I Términos Generales y Condiciones I общие положения и условия I一般条款和条件 I 般的な利用規約  1. Scope 1.1 In principle, this website serves exclusively as a free platform for the information of art collectors, artists and cultural institutions through ArtExpert, ArtExpert I Network. ArtExpertI Network is a volunteering information and administration system to

Contemporary Art

One of the fastest growing art markets is the area of Contemporary Art. Like no other area, collecting is internationally oriented. So-called blue chips are on offer as we serve a selective clientele to find the right item. It should be noted in particular that apart from the internationally known artists, there are national specializations with a great demand. Currently we are able to mediate and we are looking for:

19th Century

Art of the 19th century was a favourite for long time in the focus of international collections and is back again. In any case of advisory, research, offer or request of 19th century art contact us. ArtExpert is your qualified partner to evaluate as well as to serve with all the possibilities of our art institution.  Currently we look for and offer to negotiate  a.o. works by Adolph von Menzel,


Old Masters

ArtExpert provides advice and access to European old master art, from Medieval epoch, Renaissance and Baroque.   This includes paintings, master drawings, graphics and sculptures from artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Raffael, Andrea Mantegna, Rembrandt, Anthonie van Dyck, Peter Paul Rubens, Guido Reni, Carlo Cignani, Francesco Guardi, Pietro Longhi, Dominichino, or netherland masters of the golden age, a.o. Within the art market, old master paintings of high quality are of

Ancient Art Experts

As ancient art experts we provide academical advising and researching. Ancient art and objects have to be subject of only very serious and knowledgeable advisory. Outside the field of national heritages antiquities are in international collections since decades and also centuries. ArtExpert is your best partner in such cases with all our services. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your request for: Sculptures, mosaics, objects, numismatics from Egypt, Greek and

Auto-portrait of Heinz-Günter Mebusch.

Heinz-Günter Mebusch

We will never forget our friend, the photographer and conceptual artist Heinz-Günter Mebusch (1952 – 2001). Mebusch was a unique combination of a deeply sensitive and empathic person and a visionary artist. On the traditional basis of subjective photography of his teacher Otto Steinert, he created under the brand name The Flying Studios International an extensive photographic work and developed it to an extraordinary multi media body. Respected and worldwide known i.a. through

Press Review

Robert Arden had asked persons after a public interview  or close friends for a banknote with a handwritten signature as a reminder. Over time, more than 100 signatures with such famous names as Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, Leonard Bernstein, Montgomery of El Alamein, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne and many others came to his hand. This short snorter collection of famous personalities is further enhanced with letters and original

Art Consulting

Our focus is on high art and emerging national and international artists. The art market with its variety of galleries, artists and their works is very extensive and the selection of suitable artworks often difficult. ArtExpert is able to give the estimated client all necessary support as personal art-advisory. An art historian with experiences in international art-market will help to create or to develop your private, corporate or public collection.

Heinz-Günter Mebusch, Portrait of Janine Kounellis, ArtForum Editions

Jannis Kounellis

On 16th February 2017 our friend, the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, one of the leading figures of the Arte Povera movement, passed away in Rome’s Villa Mafalda hospital. Born in Piraeus, Greece in 1936, the artist moved to Rome at the age of 20 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and considered the Eternal City his adopted home, where he continued to live and work. But he still had

John C.B. Moore. (c) Artforum Culture Foundation

John Constantin Brancusi Moore

Our friend, the English artist and photographer John Constantin Brancusi Moore (* 1934), died in his home near Paris in November 2016.   HIs parents, the father of modern sculpture, Constantin Brancusi, and the famous Schumann interpreter Vera Moore, created him as a ‘child of art’. He inherited his father in the passion for photography and art-technology. Never recognised officially by the titan born at Hobita, Gorj County, Moore lived