OVER 35 YEARS ARTEXPERT: 1981 - 2017

one of the first independent art networks with special focus on Research,
Appraisal, Artconsulting, Fundraising, Foundation Advisory and Art Investment

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"Independent research of true values of art and their adept financial evaluation determine the ethical requirement of ArtExpert" (Artforum Culture Foundation)

ArtExpert is your general partner in all fields of art-collecting with specialists to solve your problems.
As standard we offer the following services:

· Proof of Ownership
· Proof of Provenance ( Verification through Loss Art Register )
· Appraisal & contra-expertise
· Insurance Controlling
· Trustee-services ( Bank, Museum, Security House )

Scope of work:
· Arthistorical and forensic research
· Economical research in the art market
· Trustee for artists, collectors and estates

ArtExpert, the international network of art-specialists, was founded in Greece with representatives in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Middle East, USA.
ArtExpert is working world-wide for the estimated client. ArtExpert is an independent institute of certified art historians, archaeologists, art scientists and market-experts. On this subjects they are working on a high level according to the newest state of international research. The use of modern technologies like IRR-analyses, digital x-ray, chemical-physical investigation methods and electronic data processing are obligatory.

ArtExpert is generally working as an advisory team. Art historians with experiences in the art market of the last three decades will give you support for auction sales and anonymous representation at auction as well as advisory for collectors to buy professionally in galleries, artists studios or from private property.
A main and growing up service is consulting to create foundations and in case of fundraising and donations.

N E W S : **************************************************************************
Our friend, the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, one of the leading figures of the Arte Povera movement, died in Rome’s Villa Mafalda hospital on 16th February 2017, aged 80.

Born in Piraeus , Greece in 1936, the artist moved to Rome at the age of 20 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and considered the Eternal City his adopted home, where he continued to live and work. But he still had his roots in Greece and was connected very deep with his homeland. We honor him and keep him in good memory. Farewell !

Our friend, the English artist and photographer John Constantin Brancusi Moore (* 1934), died in his home near Paris in November 2016. Son of the famous artist Constantin Brancusi and the wonderful concert pianist and assistant to Brancusi Vera Moore, he was created by them as a 'child of art'. He inherited his father in the passion for photography and art-technology. Never recognised officially by the titan born at Hobita, Gorj County, Moore lived in France with the still living memory of the times passing by. As a very close friend of Alain Bernadain he worked e.g. for and inspired the famous cabaret Crazy Horse.

Wolfgang Siemens, a great neo expressionist artist, we have accompanied for several years, died in February 2016. Scion of the famous Siemens-family, he studied under Friedrich Vordemberge and Karl Marx at the Kölner Werkschulen, where he had lectured later on himself. He got widely known by exhibitions at the Kölner Josef-Haubrich Kunsthalle, and further solo exhibitions in NYC, Paris, Morocco. In 1986 he had destroyed his paintings to start again in 1990 with new painting. A comprehensive insight into his work and his life conveys the monograph: Siemens - DerMaler/ The Painter, Cologne 2000.

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