The documentation serves an accurate description of the artwork or in total of the collection. According to objective criteria and with consideration of international standards the individual works of art will be photographed, measured, if neccessary weighed , and all the apparently ascertainable characteristics will be described: techniques, statement of damages, findings of a signature, a monogram, indication of stamps and other references. To the documentation all these data are taken up, a contentwise description of the piece of art is implemented and. if necessary, a first art-historical classification. The personal talk to the client is able to deliver additional a number of important information to the provenance, to earlier restorations or to the collection intention and possible changes or extensions.

On basis of this documentation afterwards the evaluation or large scientific treatment can take place. The performance can cover beside the text production and photography as well layout and printing support. Publication of monographies, stocktakings and lists of works will appear as a hand-copy or as a book, CD-ROM or as web-content.