The famous concept of ArtExpert over three decades is to connect
arthistorical and forensic research.

The arthistorical analyis itself is basd on a common view to realise, that a piece of art is a material product, a historical document of its time and a concrete philosophical expression of its creator. Each analyis is a conclusion of general view, specific research and material definition.

The whole circumference of the scientifically analysis by ArtExpert encloses:

* Definition of the state
* Definition of old restoration
* Forensic analysis of materiales and technic
* Arthistorical and foernsic dating
* Preparation and controlling of restoration
* Conservation controlling of the place

The following procedures are applied in detail for the analyses:

* examination in stripe light
* examination in ultraviolet light
* cross section production of tests
* microanalysis
* histochemical proof procedure
* metallographical eximination
* radiography
* computer tomography
* photography in reflected ultraviolet light
* fluorescence-photography in ultraviolet light
* infrared photography in black and white and in colour
* infrared reflectograpy
* thermoluminescence
* dendrochronology
* radio carbon dating (C14)