Our philosophy and daily maxime of our sevices:
Dissolving the Boundaries of Art History

* Analysis, certificates
* Evaluation
* Estimation

In particular:
* Art-historical analysis
* Forensic research
* Provenance research
* Advisory for the purchase and sale of art
* Evaluation and estimation of art-estates
* Evaluation and estimation of important architectural objects and realisation
* Inventory documentation, catalogue production
* Exhibition organisation, public relations
* Consulting and organisation of art projects
* cultural management and consulting for companies and public institutions
* Sponsoring (concept, realisation)
* Security consultation for exhibition, transport, insurance
* Protection and conservation of art

We try to optimise our services by:
interdisciplinary co-operation with international scholars and researchers, gallerists, fine-art dealers, auctioneers, contacts to media sales representatives and cultural institutions, connections to the artists.